The Pin Group

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Ross Humphrey (Bass), Ross Humphrey (Vocals), Roy Montgomery (Guitar), Roy Montgomery (Vocals), Pin Group (Main Performer), Bruce Russell (Liner Notes), Peter Stapleton (Drums)

The first signing of the legendary New Zealand label Flying Nun, Christchurch-based noise pop trio the Pin Group, teamed singer/guitarist Roy Montgomery, bassist Ross Humphrey, and drummer Peter Stapleton. Their 1981 debut single, the Joy Division-influenced "Ambivalence," was the first release on Flying Nun, issued in an edition of 300 copies; the follow-up, "Coat," appeared later that same year. After a 1982 EP, The Pin Group Go to Town, the band dissolved when Montgomery traveled to London for a year-long study program; he and Stapleton later renewed their collaboration as members of drone merchants Dadamah, with the complete Pin Group lineup reuniting in 1992 to record a one-off single, "Eleven Years After." ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

The Pin Group (Siltbreeze)
Imagine unearthing the Rosetta Stone and perhaps you'll understand the importance of releasing the definitive The Pin Group recordings.
The Pin Group, who came and went in the brief period between 1981 and 84, was the jumping-off point for the New Zealand pop lexicon: The tinny guitar jangle, sidelong lyrics, flitting bass and intangible bottom-of-the-world sensibility are all there.But the band also launched the careers of guitarist Roy Montgomery, bassist Ross Humphries (stints in Bailter Space and The Great Unwashed) and drummer Peter Stapleton (Handful of Dust). The Pin Group was an odd bird. With the survival instincts of a kiwi (they played infrequently and pressed small issues of records that didn't even bear the band name), the trio was bound to lose. But this collection encapsulates quite brilliantly the pop minds at work on the South Island all those 16 years ago. The raucous "Columbia" and haunting "Long Night" hint at the band's potential. A send-up of The Red Crayola's"Hurricane Fighter Plane" shows off chops and a tongue in cheek cover of War's "Low Rider" reveals a sense of humor. Two blistering versions of "Ambivalence" grace the record, on which Montgomery sings, sounding here asthroughout like a wry Ian Curtis, "You seem to want to shroud your motives/ Were they ever there?"    While it's uncertain whether underachievers The Pin Group ever had much motive themselves, it's clear that the makings of brilliance were there all along. — Brian Howard

The Pin Group - Retrospective CD  The Pin Group are, of course, most famous for releasing the first ever 7" on Flying Nun records, the nigh on impossible to find Ambivalence/Colombia.
Pin Group are considerably darker than those more famous Nun pioneers The Clean. Rather Joy Division-esque, with strong, leading bass.
Roy Montgomery handles the guitar and (Curtis-esque) vocals.
Anyway, this CD compiles the first 2 7"'s Ambivalence/Colombia and (my favourite,) Coat/Jim along with the later Go to Town 12" EP and the early 1990's Siltbreeze released Coat 7".
Well worth owning if you have an interest in the darker side of NZ music.

The Pin Group - Retrospective CD    
This is a fine collection of challenging, foreboding work by the seminal New Zealand art-noise band, The Pin Group. The band featured guitarist Roy Montgomery, who went on to do some really fabulous space-rock and difficult music... Here are his early recordings, which presaged some of the darker kiwi rock of the 1980s and '90s. If you're into the stuff on Xpressway, etc., you'll want to check this album out. (Joe Sixpack, Slipcue Music Guide)